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The Town Prachatice is one of the best-preserved towns in the Czech Republic. The inner town has a well-preserved Renaissance shape in the middle of a ring of medieval town walls. Nevertheless just the historic part was proclaimed the urban protested area in 1981. There are only 40 towns in the Czech Republic, which are protected by law in that honourable way.

Písecká (Lower) Gate is the only one, which has been preserved up till now. The other Upper Gate was removed in 1859. They both ere very important parts of the town fortification. The fortification systém dates from the 2nd half of the 14th century. The Lower Gate consists f the systém of two gates: the inner part was built at the end of the 15th century, the outer gate is a massive prismatic tower finished with an attic battlements built in the 16. Century.

Public Fountain - The original fountain was made of stone in the 16th century. There was put a statue of Justice in the middle. It was made by made by Ondřej Vlach and his men.

Its shape changed many times during the centuries. The statue of Justice was replaced by the bust of the emporer Joseph II. in 1903. The plan to rebuild it to a monument dedicated to the deads of the I. World War appeared after 1918. The statue was put back in 1925.

Hus House, No. 71 - It is placed on the left side in the Husova Street. It is said there was a dorm of the master Jan Hus in the house, when he learnt in Prachatice. Originally a Gothic house was rebuilt into the Renaissance appearance with wonderful gables in the 16th century. There is placed the town library since 1966 here.

St. James Church - It is one of the most important late Gothic churches in the Southern Bohemia. It was founded in the 14th century and its patron is st. James, the patron of pilgrims and merchants. The Gothic building of three-aisle minster was finished in 1513. It has a reticulated vault and there is the coat of arms of the town Prachatice, painted together with the coats of arms of the Rosenbergs, of Badens and Brunswicks on the voctiry vault. The numbers indicate the dates of church reconstructions. The main Baroque altar was made by the wood-cutter Jan Weber from Kašperské Hory. The stony sanctuary situated on the left side is a valuable work of art. From the right aisle we enter the St. Joannis Neumann Chapel, who came from Prachatice. From the original St. Barbora Chapel it was made in 1992, cinsecrated in 1993.

The New Townhall - The Neorenaissance building rests on the place, where originally two town houses were. It was finished in 1903. The town hall‘s builder was Rudolf Zobel from Prachatice, the graffiti decoration was made by the academic painter Johann Viertelberger, the statues come from the George Leiseck workshop in Vienna. Of the scenes is worth-while to notice the great oblong picture showing the salt transport by pack animals along the Golden Path.

The Sun Dial - The biggest one in the Middle Europe is placed in Prachatice, in front of the Lower Gate. The sun dial was made during the modern bulding in the Zvolenská und Vodňanská Streets in 60s and 70s of 20th century. The first projekt dates bach to 1969, it was built in the 70s.

Husinec Dam - Its construction started in 1934. The main purpose was to protect Husinec and other settlements against floods.

The lake behind the dam catched and catches nowadays too the huge water during the spring melting. The dam was finished in 1939 and it has become other uses since. The lake has been a water reservoir for the drinking water supply for the town Prachatice.

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